Sunday 4 November 2012

Battle damaged houses 2

Progress on the battle damaged versions of the Asmara town house, the top picture shows the 3 areas of rubble which can be added to the L shaped base of the house. Two semi circles and one quarter circle of art board are used to base the rubble on. Health and safety warning!!! the larger bits of rubble are made from smashed up ceramic tiles, this process involves a concrete garage floor, an old bit of carpet (over the tiles) and a hammer. The ceramic tiles can be very sharp when smashed up, I drew blood on more than one occasion. So, best to wear gloves and eye protection when getting medieval on your tiles.

The idea of using the broken up tiles came to me when re-tiling one of the bathrooms at Airhead towers. Funny how the mind wonders when doing DIY. To create the look I wanted for the rubble I combined the broken ceramic tiles with Granite chippings from the local footpath, grit for use with cactus plants and sand. The combination of these different types of material worked well.



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