Tuesday 27 November 2012

Battle damaged houses 3

Good progress being made at the moment on a number of projects, it's amazing what you can do in 20 snatched minutes each morning, before leaving for work. The 4 pictures above show the 2 battle damaged houses as they currently stand, I need to add some dark grey/black smoke damage and more bullet strikes to the brick work, especially around the doors and windows. I'm also looking into adding some graphics, posters, street names and general street stuff.

The insides of the houses have to be a compromise between being able to position troops within the building and adding to the inside as much rubble and timbers as possible. I'm pleased with how the green/blue paint has worked on the outsides of the buildings, I have used these colours in picking out some of the rubble on the rubble bases which correspond the the two houses.


Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Very realistic and aged effects

Giles said...

As always, Airhead, I think "wow, that's really good"....and then I'm reminded it's only 15mm! Awesome!

Best wishes


Sidney Roundwood said...

That's terrific work! I really like them. The broken bathroom tiles have worked really well. Would you stick to these in the future in place of just styrofoam? I'm looking forward to what you do with smoke damage, posters, street names etc. You can really bring these buildings to life now that you have made such a great start. I also like the green paint on the outside - it'll really helps pick the ruins out on a table. Really enjoying this series of blog posts!

airhead said...

Hi Chaps,
thanks for the feed back, its always nice to get comments. Giles, nice to see you getting some Bloggs in, loved the painting of your French Foreign Legion.

To answer your question Sidney, I'm very pleased with how the tiles worked as rubble, but will stick to styrofoam or foam core board for the walls. The tiles are just the right depth 4-5mm to match the depth of the foam core board walls. The tiles should work as rubble in 20 -28mm, but under 15mm might look a bit to chunky.

All the best