Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Barrage markers 2

Progress pictures of the barrage/explosion markers. Before putting the base coat of cheep black acrylic paint onto the polystyrene markers I undercoated them twice with neat PVA glue to give them some strength. I retrospect I could have inserted a  wire support. The two dynamic explosion markers have had some small granite boulder stuck to the arms of the explosions with UHU glue. The other markers also had them glued around their bases. It was quite interesting how the textures of the different bits of polystyrene lent them self's to different types of explosions, one will represent a direct hit on a target, so lots of flames, yellows, reds and whites. The others more like dust clouds with elements of black/grey mixed in.

Also this is the first outing of my spanking new cutting mat, thanks to Mrs Airhead for the Christmas present. She couldn't stand the thought of people looking at pictures of the old one.




Greg said...

These are excellent. Can't wait to see them painted.

Tony said...

A great idea - I might try this myself.


airhead said...

Thanks for your comments chaps, always good to get such positive feed back. I'll keep you posted on how the painting goes.