Sunday, 10 February 2013

KABOOOOM Barrage markers Finished

I have finished the barrage markers, the above photos show the range of markers on my spanking new cutting matt. My objective of making a range of markers covering explosions from the initial impact up to the towering cloud of smoke has worked out quite well.

I had collected a number of pictures as reference and put together a pdf to refer to while I painted the explosions. I started from the base of a black over all coat, I next painted on the bright yellow and worked through the orange and red. At this point I worked over the outer edges of the red and orange with a mix of black and grey to add some softer edges to the flame bits.

I just need to add a couple more initial impact markers and I can move on to my next project.




Sidney Roundwood said...

Simply awesome. Really terrific pyrotechnical work, Airhead!

Cincinnatus said...

That is absolutely incredible. Can't wait to make some myself.