Wednesday 21 August 2013

Making smoke 2

Finished of the smoke shell markers, with a light spray of cheap Wilkinson grey primer on the outer ends of the smoke trails and then some yellow - orange - red paint to give the impression of an exploding smoke shell. They were then based on 1p coins with some sand pva'd onto the coin and painted up in my usual ground work colours. This is just a quick update, but I've got quite a few pictures in the bag for the next few posts.

Thing on the wargaming blog front have been quite quiet out there over the past few months, myself included, must be a combination of the first true summer for what seems like decades and summer holidays, just my impression of things.

I will put my next posts up over the weekend.




James Brewerton said...

blogosphere is picking up now mate, good looking markers
Peace James

Sidney Roundwood said...

These look brilliant, Airhead. Really perfect for smoke and even white phosphorous. Have you tried combining the air burst explosions and a smoke effect? Inspiring stuff!

airhead said...

Hi Chaps, thanks for the feed back, good idea Sidney, I''l give it a go and see how they turn out.

Best Regards