Wednesday 30 September 2020

Generic south European village

Just a quick post of a test picture of my generic south European village, which at a stretch could cover southern France, Italy, Spain

All the buildings pushed together on my cutting matt, for storage, no real art director of the picture. All 28mm made from foam core board and scraps and the ubiquitous coffee stirrers. Painted with my usual combination of Wilco’s match pots.


Alan M said...

Crumbs, they really do look marvellous! I do have a soft spot for a nicely made building (it's the frustrated architect in me), if you get the chance to post a few individual shots ever that would be lovely. Also pleased to see I'm not the only one who hangs around looking at the tester posts in Wilkos!

airhead said...

Hi Alan, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Definitely more posts coming based around the village, including some WIP pictures and descriptions. Also a description of my Wilkos tester pot formula!
All the best.