Sunday 11 October 2020

H&R 1/300 DBA Macedonian army

I’ve only had these figures for this last 20 years, finally painted over the last few months. Pleased with how they have turned out so far, still more to finish, only 11 of the 12 units finished for the basic DBA army. I’m going for 24 unit army’s for BBDBA of Macedonian, Persian, Indian and Scythian.

All the Macedonian figures are from Heroic & Ross, some of the other army’s include Irregular figures which although very different in style to the H&army figures, but paint up really well, more of these to follow in the next few posts.

More to follow in this scale and smaller!! Funny how fashions/gaming scales change over time. Following in Mark Backhouses and the inimitable Sidney Roundwoods footsteps into the world of the very small and the even smaller.
TTFN stay safe


Khusru said...

Very nice.

Khusru said...

It's not how often you post, it's the fact you keep going and enjoy your wargaming.

Phil said...

Wow, truly superb!!