Monday 2 November 2020

South European Village - Damaged house part 2

Below are a selection of pictures showing the construction of damaged house two. I base all my 28mm scale buildings on 2mm thick plywood. As used by dolls house builders, works much better than art board with no danger of warping when glued or painted.

Around the main house base can be seen two of the sabot bases with sand and small gravel added, the gravel is from a cactus buying phase the daughter went through many moons ago, I got a lifetime supply out of that phase. Also added are some granite chipping’s from the pavement out side our estate. A pile of foam bricks cut up from the removed poly board can be seen in the second photo.

The cross hatching in white on the top picture showed where I was going to cutout the walls and the smaller cross hatching show’s where I will strip of the card covering from the poly board to expose the foam layer. The next picture above shows the foam scored to represent the exposed bricks where the render covering has fallen away.

The picture above shows the remains of the second floor made from lollipop sticks cut horizontally, which is removable, also on the cutting mat is half of the roof made from the ubiquitous coffee stirrers. Till next time stay safe, TTFN, Airhead.

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Giles said...

Great to see you back as well, Airhead. I think Lockdown must have made a lot of us re-evaluate a few things and how we spend our time. Lovely to see your new units and I particular like the WW2 buildings - very realistic.

Best wishes