Tuesday, 16 June 2009

15mm Pine cone palm trees

A quick and easy way to make some different looking palm trees, OK so I've never seen palm trees that look anything like this, well perhaps at a stretch palm oil trees. But hay they look good to me and that's what counts. Made from small pine cones with my usual masking tape and wire palm leaves hot glued on top of the pine cones, then the pine cone is hot glued on to a 2p coin and the ground it built up with cheep pound land filler and then PVA'd and sanded. Double click on picture for bigger version


Eli Arndt said...

The look good. Do you paint the cones at all? I have used squirrel-chewed cones to good effect before.


airhead said...

No painting, just some light dry brushing with a combination of greens and the base colour, to give a weatherd look. As for squirrel assisted terrain, In January I posted a picture of a version of one of this type of palm trees combined with a shell hole. Just me with a scalple this time.

CPBelt said...

Great idea! It's perfect for sci-fi and fantasy gaming. Better than real scale palm trees from Pegasus. I'll have to try this.