Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Air burst round 3

Some picture of the Air burst explosion markers in there near final stage, just a few final touches needed. Top picture shows all six markers, the second two pictures show two of the markers with one of my 28mm Russian Cross Fire stands, giving an idea of the size of the markers. I'll be using them with my 28mm / 15mm / 10mm forces.

Having done these markers, it has lead me into thinking about other  opportunity to produce similar items. I'm currently producing a 15mm German para flame thrower, I'm also working on some smoke markers for my 15mm Vietnam forces and more ground explosions.

TTFN Airhead  


Sidney Roundwood said...

Stunning work, absolutely fantastic. Great fun to make, they look tremendous, and a "stand-out" on the tabletop. Awesome all round!

PatG said...

It is details like this that can really make a game. You have done inspirational work with these.

Curt said...

Still love these things. I particularly like the one with the bit of colour in the center of the explosion.