Sunday, 19 August 2012

No smoke without fire

Some smoke markers I've been working on for my 15mm forces, mainly for Vietnam and modern SF operations. Based on some seen on the Guild I think,  WIP pictures show the construction, the wire was hot glued to the coin and then ground work built up with filler. The top picture has some Peter Pig Australian SAS for scale. The bottom picture highlights the smoke canister made from a cut down cocktail stick, vastly over scale for 15mm I know, but works for me.

Next up the fire, 15mm scale German paratrooper flame thrower from Peter Pig with Flame!
I made the flame free standing so when on in action it can be removed. Built in the same way as the smoke markers with a paper clip wire as the former and then with clump foliage to make the flame.

I use UHU glue to stick the clump foliage as I find the tacky quality of the glue is good at grabbing the foliage, once left to dry I then go over it all with supper glue to make it more robust.

Found the last picture on the web, that is the type of look I'm going for in the flame. Looking at doing some suppression markers for cross fire at the moment based on the above construction method but trying to create the classic Victor comic type line of gunfire hitting the ground and throwing up a line of dust impacts. 

Lastly big up to Miss Airhead who has got in to her first choice university with some stonking A'level results. So of to IKEA for me for the rest of Sunday. God have mercy on me and my wallet. 



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Sidney Roundwood said...

As splendid as ever. They look terrific. And congratulations to Miss Airhead - great news, and I know you'll be very proud. Cheers!