Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Never look a gift aquarium in the mouth

Just a quick post about a find I made recently when over at our costal estate (father in-laws house) He had bought himself a big new second hand aquarium. The previous owner  had some expanded polystyrene panels on the back wall of the tank to give the impression of natural rock backdrop to the tank.

Knowing about my wargaming affliction, when he took the panels out of his new tank to replace them with a new backdrop, he saved the old panels for me. Thinking I might have some use for them. What a star.

The pictures above show the panels along side some of my Greek 1/1200 Triremes. I'll repaint the panels cut them down and use them to create shorelines for my navel forces to fight around. I might build some small costal towns/ports as well in 1/1200 scale to go on them.




Ubique Matt said...

Effective looking terrain. I'll have to keep a look out for similar material.

MarkG said...

Those work a treat. Certainly have that rugged Greek coastline look next to the tiremes. Now where is Scylla?

Giles said...

There's a pet shop near where I live but it never seems to have any of the useful stuff I see on people's blogs. These bits look terrific.

Best wishes