Thursday, 9 April 2009

28mm Desert houses

28mm scale desert buildings made from foam core board scraps from work, figures are black tree design Nubian archers to give an idea of size, amphora out side the central house in the bottom picture are made from the tops of cotton buds. Wooden fence made from split lollipop sticks. The houses are based on 3" art board bases, which fit into my 2' square base boards. All my 28mm collections are skirmish forces, due to space restrictions. I'm looking at how I can make some lift off roofs, to make them suitable to use as Spanish peasant houses in the peninsular for my Napoleonic skirmish forces. My terrain items all have to work over as many locations and historic periods as possible. So these will be used from 500BC up to the 1980's for my soviets in Afghanistan.

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