Sunday 26 April 2009

Palm grove

Three shots of one of my 4 palm groves produced for my WW2 Fare east/Vietnam forces. I last posted a work in progress picture of one of these palm groves on January the 6th, well here at last is a finished one. The top picture is a close up of the fallen palm tree showing the roots end, the second picture shows the brown leaves, I'm quite pleased how this has worked out. In the bottom picture you can see in the centre of the base a circle with a small mound of stones in the middle of it, this is a lift out fox hole cut into the foam core bord, used for the ground work on the base. I just need to finish of the Japanese HMG to go in it.


Mark said...

Absolutely fantastic. I like your work a lot and will use this for my own Burma/Indo-China/Sci Fi gaming.


airhead said...

Hi Mark thanks for the kind words, more Palm groves to follow.