Friday 17 April 2009

28mm Staging post

Some pictures showing the basic structure for the centre piece of the village, based around my idea of how an Achaemenid stage post house would look, on one of the Persian royal roads which stretched from Egypt in the west right over to the Punjab in the east.
Built from foam board with small additions from scrap art board. you can see at the bottom of the walls where I have striped off the outer layer of card exposing the foam core and then using an old Biro pen to scribe on brick work. I've removed all the hard edges from the tops of the walls and tower with a sharp scalpel to give a weather beaten look to the building.
Next stage is to give it an all over coat of PVA and sand before under coating in black. The top picture gives the best impression of the overall proportions of the building.


Secundus said...

This is looking good. Can't wait for the detail.

Secundus said...

The brick scoring with a pen is a fantastic Idea, I will have to use it. I want to make a small Roman farm with an out house and this tip will be very helpful, thanks.

airhead said...

Hi Secundus, thanks for the comments, always good to get feed back. I'm going to look for some ref on Persian statuary for the court yard.