Thursday 25 March 2010

Blitz Freeze Update

Just a quick update on the Blitz Freeze project. I've been some what preoccupied with my North African city building project for most of this year to date. With the heavy snow this winter also having a strange disincentive to do any real work on this project.

However last weekend was my annual day pass out to the WMMS show in Alumwell, Wolverhampton. A great local show in a good venue. Some nice games on show and lots of temptation from the traders, Mr Pig got his usual wedge from me in exchange for some great little light tanks, a type 92 for my Japanese and a Mk IV for the brits, also the rest of my Japanese naval infantry, Home Guard and Nuns. Also from QRF some civilian cars and a Fiat van.

But more to the point Pendraken where there with there ever expanding stand. So I got some Russian BT7's and German Marder II's. I'm planning on adding on lots of extra detailing to the models like jerry cans, rope, boxes and general bits and bobs. The idea is to base all the vehicles, so the next thought was I need to select some colours for the terrain which I can then also use on the vehicle bases. So a quick trip to Wilkinson's has resulted in three match pots to experiment with. will post some pictures when I some test terrain done. Also bought some matt White spray paint, just the trick for a light dusting of snow.

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