Monday 15 March 2010

Hospital and Barracks in 15mm

Check SpellingGeneric hospital and barrack buildings based up and painted with PVA, sand and small pebbles glued onto the art board bases. The windows have also been re-painted, the are nine pains of glass in each window, the two top rows of three pains each were painted light blue, the middle row mid-blue and the bottom row dark blue. The top two rows then had, a very light blue hi-light across the top and down the right hand side, My wife has just requested that she be include in my life, so hallo to all of you out there in Blog land from Mrs Airhead. Now back to the business in hand. The hospital has had a red cross painted on the roof, interrupted by an air raid, resulting in a mishap with a pot of white paint, I think I got the idea from a model railway layout I saw once. Still to make the ladder which was left on the roof. The stones leading to the doors of each hut have been painted white, to keep the top brass happy. Still need to add some flock and small bushes to the bases, but other wise very happy with these have turned out. So a big thanks to Mr Ebob for some great buildings, see the previous post for the link to download the pdf of these buildings.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool conversion of the POW buildings. Like the bit about the paint pot mishap.
Keep up the good work