Wednesday 30 December 2020

Armourfast M4 Sherman’s 1/72 scale

A couple of M4’s for my WW2 US in Italy forces, great value for only £8.40p for two tanks. Picked up from WMMS Show a couple of years ago, also got two stugs in the stash to be brought into service over the next few months. Pleased with how these turned out, with the addition of some Early War Miniatures stowage items they really come to life.

Hope you all had a passable Christmas and here is to a much better 2021.
Stay safe, all the best Airhead

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Veroo said...

Holy smokes! Not sure which I am more surprised by, that you're back after all these years, or that you actually dabble in my favourite scale (20mm, that is).

Yours is one of my favourite blogs, one that I intermittently return to every now and again for inspiration — your East African town builds being one of the very best things I've ever seen in this wonderful hobby of ours.

And yes, the tanks look ace!