Tuesday 22 December 2020

The hunting lodge

Within my South European/Mediterranean skirmish terrain I wanted to have one building with a more aristocratic feel, without going the full stately home/palace vibe, with the resulting very large building footprint. So I thought a hunting lodge small summer house would fit the bill. I also added a small walled garden. Lots of the painting from the Franco Prussian war featured estate type walls, and as they make ideal cover for skirmish games it seemed an ideal opportunity to build something similar.

The hunting lodge was built with foam board for the walls rendered with PVA and sharp sand. Roof tiles from scrap cardboard and the paved driveway from egg carton cardboard. The low wall and gateway are made from expanded polystyrene with PVA and sand added to give it texture and make it more robust. The top of the gate posts are finished off with some beads again textured with the ubiquitous PVA and sand for texture. The gates are made from cardboard with metal mesh used to top them off. The same metal mesh is used for the windows. The hedges are made from green pan scrubber. The heraldic crest over the door was a plastic button which I cut down to a square shape to fit over the door. The only outstanding bits to finish this off are the doors, I’m looking to create something imposing for the front door.

The walled kitchen garden is designed to sit at the back of the hunting lodge or to be a stand alone item. That’s all for the moment, wishing all who pass this way a great Christmas and a much improved 2021. Stay safe TTFN Airhead.

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