Wednesday 9 December 2020

The village church

Every village needs a church, I based mine very loosely around the cemetery of St Privat by Alphonse Marie de Neuville as featured in his painting of the Battle of Gravelotte during the Franco Prussian war. The gate and the wall being the main features I copied from the painting. The church itself is all from my imagination. I was looking to create something with a rustic rural look, nothing to imposing.

I gave the roof of the church some battle damage and also made lots of strike marks on the walls and around the gate. Nothing that looks to much like WW2 combat damage, so no long lines of impact marks from machine gun fire. Making to terrain believable for earlier conflicts.

Below is the painting I’ve based some elements of my church and churchyard on.

That’s all for now, more village to come. Stay safe all the best Airhead

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