Friday 4 December 2020

Black tree designs Greek hoplite & Persian infantry

Some very old troop who have benefited from my enforced confinement over the last year. Purchased in the late 1990’s they and their Persian enemies are for using in small skirmish games. The shields are all painted free hand.

The Persians are supported by four Nubian archers, who last appeared in the blog in April 2009, in a supporting role to a post about my desert houses. So it’s only taken them 11 years to get back in. I have always loved the black and white illustration of them in my Greeks & Romans at war book which includes  Herodotus’s description of half chalk and half vermilion daubed Ethiopian archers.

Another blast from the past is my Achaemenid staging post in the background of this photo below. The staging posts were distributed along the Persian royal roads all over their empire. The look I was going for was slightly rundown in an obscure part of the empire, In the land of bones. So it can be fought over by all the passing empires over the centuries.

This last picture shows the base of the building painted with its egg box tiles in the correct colours, the two pictures above just have the building resting on the base. Still some more tweaks to do before being finished. The egg box thing is great for making large areas of paving, also used on my Middle Ages village buildings, more to come on that.

That’s all for now, stay safe, all the best Airhead.

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Khusru said...

Great idea the staging post.